In the Fall of 2016, Gilt celebrated the launch of their fall campaign by creating a 360-degree lifestyle space for press, influencers and Gilt customer to live their best #GiltLife. With the help of Gilt partners, #GiltLife generated buzz throughout the fashion, retail and lifestyle community.

Working in partnership with our events agency partner LeadDog and video production partner Mustache, Gilt customized a downtown NYC townhouse end-to-end with Gilt merchandise and ran a program of almost daily lifestyle events for the press and public for nearly two weeks. Nearly every room in the house turned over each evening to prepare for a new event the next day, themed to the tenants of the GiltLife, including Fashion, Spa, Fitness, Beauty, Kids, Travel and Home Decor.

In addition to the space itself, we partnered with 3 brand ambassadors for the space: model & actress Alessandra Ambrosia, world-renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson and actress Kate Bosworth. Using the GiltHouse as the stage, each influencer shared their own version of the GiltLife and how to live it.

event photography from opening night and different theme activations

blueprints and renderings prepared by our partner agency LeadDog; different configurations of the house for different event days

on-site assets

Company Gilt