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Parsons Festival Campus Branding

parsons festival campus branding

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The 2011 First Annual Parsons Festival unified a vast number of end-of-year events and exhibitions beneath one banner. Part of the challenge was identifying relevant events in a campus that spreads out across (and is integrated within) much of Manhattan. I developed a simple tagging concept that could be applied in a guerrilla fashion both on campus and around New York (as well as online). A yellow circle, with or without text, could unify the entire event with a simple signifier. Campus buildings, classrooms and galleries where Festival events were happening could be branded simply and cheaply.

Taking the idea further, we developed a guide to guerrilla branding for Festival participants, aiming to have them creatively expand on the yellow dot themselves. We hoped for collaboration with the community, as well as creative uses of space.

Concept and Design: Adam Schwartz, Art Direction: Isa Gouverneur

photos by Martin Seck